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... and justice for all

Russell Craig, E-val © 2017, blood stains, canvas, acrylic, dimensions vary (photo by Kisha Bari and courtesy of Jesse Krimes)

Past Exhibition
  • About This Exhibition

    America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. In just 40 years, those confined in this country’s prisons and jails has grown 500%. Over 2 million people are incarcerated today. This rise is not due to increased criminal activity, but the callous and inequitable execution of the nation’s laws and public policies. While 37% of the country’s population represents people of color, an incongruous 67% make up the prison population. ... and justice for all illuminates this racially unjust system.

    Throughout history, art has been used as a vehicle to make important statements about social issues. This exhibition threads intimate narratives and social commentary into large scale imagery, video, installation and appropriated photography. Personal accounts of racial profiling and incarceration, family experiences and adverse psychological impacts are explored by artists Russel Craig, Deana Lawson, Sherrill Roland, and Dread Scott.

    This exhibition both humanizes – through first-hand experiences – and examines a system that has disproportionately affected people of color. By placing this issue in the forefront, ... and justice for all aspires to create awareness, stimulate conversation, amplify the voices that are often left unheard, and activate change.

  • Additional Resoruces


    Statewide Resources

    Nationwide Resources

    Non-Fiction Books

    • The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
    • The 1619 Project - New York Times Magazine - Project Manager, Nikole Hannah Jones
    • Fourth City: Essays from Prison in America edited by Doran Larson
    • Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson
    • Money Rock by Pam Kelley
    • Stamped From The Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi
    • The Soul Knows No Bars by Drew Leder

    Fiction Books

    • Felon: Poems by Reginald Dwayne Betts
    • An American Marriage by Tayari Jones
    • Nickel Boys by Colsen Whitehead


    Limited Series

    • When They See Us - Ava DuVernay

    Media Coverage

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