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Family First: Minnie Evans-Inspired Doodling

Image credits: Minnie Evans, "Untitled," 1967, (1946, 1958, 1960, 1962), Graphite, oil, waxed crayon and collage on canvas board, 21 x 26 ½ inches, Collection Cleo F. Wilson, Photo by Cheri Eisenberg.

$10 per participant
  • About This Program

    A mix of Minnie Evans and Zen doodling, learn the art of doodling and how to create faces with your doodles in the style of artist Minnie Evans. Participants will use bright colors and rhythmic patterns to create a mixed-media mirrored piece inspired by this Carolina native. The workshop will also highlight the creative and calming results of doodling. All levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced.

    Family First is presented by Novant Health

    Family First is presented by Novant Health

  • About the Instructor

    Shane Manier is an artist, live event painter, TedX speaker, creative coach and national spoken word poet based in the Charlotte metro region. As a poet and artist, Manier has been featured in programs across the US. She is currently the Center for Faith in the Arts Visual Artist-in-Residence.

    Manier is one of the few North Carolina live speed painters in the Charlotte Metro. Although her work isn't always a speed painting, she enjoys capturing precious moments before they quickly pass. She loves showing the light within other people when they are in their element, and works to capture that expression in every speed painting, requiring instinct and passion.

    In 2011, Manier was the youngest poet to be inducted in the Poetry Council of North Carolina and has been recognized as a National Poet performing with Respect Da Mic Slam Team from 2017 to 2020. Manier was also a finalist for Poet Laureate of Charlotte this year.

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