In the exhibition, Sloane Siobhan: Archetypes of the Subconscious, Sloane Siobhan has created an entire universe where she uses wild animals to explore human emotions and cope with the hardships of life. Join local artist, Dulce Tavares, and Gantt Center exhibiting artist, Sloane Siobhan, as they lead this animal-themed mask-making workshop for the entire family!


Siobhan is currently creating out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and cultivates the arts community with her work at Studio Cellar, a paint-n-sip establishment in South End. Having this exhibit will launch her career to another level by allowing her exposure to national outlets dedicated to covering art. Following the muted palette of Alison Saar: The Nature of UsSloane Siobhan: Archetypes of the Subconscious' vibrancy is a testament to the diversity of the work that the Gantt Center strives to have. The ability to appeal to all types of audiences while supporting myriad artists is paramount to the Gantt Center, and Sloane Siobhan has become an integral part of upholding it.


As a child growing up in Brazil, Tavares drew and molded clay, but set aside art to pursue science. She forged a career as a professor of microbiology and immunology, until she and her family moved to the United States 18 years ago. When her academic credentials failed to transfer to American academia, Tavares reinvented herself – a knack she has turned into a full-time job in art. Knowing what appeals to children and sparks their imagination is second nature to Tavares. She started teaching classes at the Matthews Community Center seven years ago. Her first success was a puppetry summer camp, for which she made a proscenium from a big cardboard box, curtains and rope. 

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