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Family First: 3D Architecture Construction Workshop

$10 per participant
  • About This Program

    Pulling inspiration from the exhibition Container/Contained, participants will create 3D building-like structures while learning about construction, design, color and patterns from the organizers of the exhibition. The exhibition features designs from Phil Freelon, architect and designer of the Harvey B. Gantt Center. Participants will have an up-close experience with a 3D printer and will have an opportunity to work with professors and graduate students from the Department of Architecture at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

    The workshop is focused towards a younger audience and mask are strongly encouraged.

  • About The Exhibition

    Container/Contained explores the relationship between the container and the contained, that is, connections between the forms, materials, and meanings of Freelon's architecture and the histories and cultures exhibited within his projects. Some of the design strategies addressed include the use of color, symbolism of form and parti, engagement with historic and urban contexts, and the purposeful integration or architecture with art and with exhibition design.

    Read more about the exhibition here.

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