Cool Experience #5: Amusement Parks Are A Thing

If you’re seeking a thrill – and who isn’t? – Carowinds and Walt Disney World in Florida were built with you in mind. With two free passes for both amusement parks, you and your guest can follow the fun, flying – in restraints, of course – through Carolina blue and Florida sunshine.

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The Details About Amusement Parks Are A Thing

Carowinds’ eight themed areas house a water park; sitting, standing, and wooden rollercoasters; swing and twist rides; bumper cars and a drop tower.

Vortex – the South’s first stand-up rollercoaster – will send you and your guest on a journey that includes a vertical loop, an oblique loop, down into a carousel and finally into a flat spin. This ride is known for its nice views and its jolting twists and turns, but seriously, will you really have time to check out the view?

When you’re ready to venture to Florida to explore the land of endless enchantment, you’ll have two free passes to Walt Disney World Resort. Situated within the 43-square-mile expanse are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom theme parks; two swimming theme parks; and much, much, much, much more. At day’s end, you’ll delight in the grandest finale imaginable: a spectacular fireworks showcase.

This cool experience is all about the fun!

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