For hundreds of years, music has played an important role in the development of visual art. This month’s Gantt After Dark promises to take sound to a new dimension. Awaken your senses as local musical artists create a live soundtrack for the art in our galleries using light and the art as an ever-present backdrop for their creativity.

Performances for the evening include:

Maf Maddix

Producer, songwriter and sound artist, Maf Maddix, explores a genre-crossing dense electronic atmosphere through his Brother Aten moniker. A recent addition to the Deepblak roster, Brother Aten’s style is often categorized by a blend of otherworldly soundscapes and complex rhythms.

Phillip Gripper

Phillip Gripper is an artist, musician and sponsored skater originally from Austin, TX, who now resides in Charlotte, NC. “For as long as I can remember music has always been a direct influence to my life.  It was only a matter of time before I went from a listener to a creator.  At 13 I was given a drum set that was going to be thrown away and had to hide it in my bedroom from my parents.  I practiced anytime they were out of the house by listening to my favorite songs and learning the patterns.  My parents discovered the drums within a few days and were upset because they're very religious and assumed that being in a band would lead to me into drinking, doing drugs, etc.  Thankfully I convinced them otherwise and was able to keep them.  Twenty years later, playing the drums has allowed me to travel to places I'd have never seen, meet and share experiences with so many great people, and have countless irreplaceable memories,” he says.


Lofidels are the bedroom punk project gone positively power-mad. Originally from Morganton, Lenny Muckle weaves hard-nosed rhythms and melodies into spine-maligning counterpoint at the even the dimmest opportunity from the chamber of an apartment in Charlotte, NC. If Lofidels had it their way, you'd be doing it too.

Rough Cuts: A Cultural Film Study

Begins at 6:30 pm. Free with registration below.

Rough Cuts is a monthly series that screens works-in-progress by local and regional filmmakers.

Screenings are open to the public and may include a facilitated session allowing the audience to share constructive feedback with the filmmaker. Take advantage of this intimate viewing opportunity while gaining insight into the filmmaker's creative process. This month we will screen three shorts by local filmmakers:

Movie #1 (Humble Visuals)
Title: Avant Garde
Length: 3:19

The short is about a lapse in time during a day at the park.

Why Gantt: It would be a great opportunity to share one of the films that I wrote, directed and edited and the Gantt Center couldn't be a better place to display my art.

Movie #2 (Will Jenkins)
Title: Where Are You From?
Length: 6:00

This is a preview for the full documentary filmed following the A. Bevy team and their production of their 6th concept fashion show in Charlotte, NC. It follows their process and tells us more about who A. Bevy is and how things come together.

Why Gantt: I think that the crowd we have at Gantt After Dark would benefit from seeing a different side of what young black professionals are putting together here in Charlotte.

Movie #3 (Alex Hall HNin Nie & Cordrell Colbert)
Title: The OverAlls: Dirt Squirts Wrath
Length: 3:54

Super Ivain creates a concoction of destruction to defeat the OverAlls, who just so happen to be the most powerful group of girls in the whole world. Let's see how this turns out.

Why Gantt: We are premiering the short at the Gantt Center because they show interest in young artist and entrepreneurs, giving us a platform to showcase our work and connect with other people in the community.


An Amateur Master Class

Begins at 6:00 pm. $15 for general public, $10 for members. Buy tickets below.

Join Gantt Center teaching artists DammitWesley and CHD:WCK for our another Amateur Master Class, as they demonstrate perspective, proportion, anatomy and color mixing. The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts. From highly detailed, anatomically correct renderings, to loose and expressive sketches, this figure drawing course will celebrate the black body, form, and the spectrum of melanin through the observation of a live model.


CHD:WCK! is a visual artist from New Jersey, based in Charlotte, NC. He explores raw and intrinsic beauty through photography, collage, and mixed media art.

DammitWesley is a live painter and graphic designer. Combining illustrative and traditional styles, he creates large acrylic paintings featuring memorable pop icons and cultural references. Not one to take himself too seriously, DammitWesley uses a bright color palette and dark subject matter to create a sometimes comical and uncomfortable juxtaposition of aesthetics and an underlying message.

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Icons In Print Screen Printing Workshop

Begins at 6:00 pm. $5 for general public. Buy tickets below.

Create your own work of art, live on the printing press with local entrepreneur, Ndelo. In relation to this month’s Gantt After Dark theme, Synaesthesia, make your own visual rendition of an iconic musical album cover.


The dream began in 2004 when the MacFly brothers, Ndelo and JD, took their love for screen printing and business to new heights and created, MacFly Fresh Printing Co. a Charlotte based design + screen-printing company dedicated to producing quality prints, building brands and visual identities for their clients. Taking their NC State Electrical and Computer engineering backgrounds to make the process more efficient, the MacFly brothers are now considered a staple in the local printing scene. You can find them "Pressing Up Fresh Goods Daily "at their local production and design studio.

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Also, there'll be hourly docent-led guided tours at 6:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

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