Is your child’s imagination overflowing with characters and stories? Do they dream of visiting far off places? Channel their creativity with rich adventures in this theater workshop tailored to beginners.  Students will release their inner actor as teaching artist Angie C guides them through the basics of drama. “Lights, Set, Action!” is designed to give participants a greater understanding of theater while learning the intricacies of performing through fun, theatrical warm-ups, character-building activities and teamwork exercises.

Learn the ins and outs of acting with warm-up exercises and perform exciting scenes with fellow participants. Develop strong stage presence and gain help with auditions, class presentations and reading comprehension. Make it a family outing they’ll never forget.


Andrea ChandlerAndrea “Angie C” Chandler is a cultural arts program coordinator, theater artist and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Adolescent Education from Brooklyn College, and studied Theatre Arts in graduate school in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Chandler has taught middle and high school social studies and theater for over 10 years in public schools and takes great joy in creating opportunities for both artists and communities to engage in the arts in a meaningful way. Her mission is to cultivate culture to effect change.

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