About This Exhibition

Venturing Out of the Heart of Darkness examines the long-standing impact of colonialism on prevailing societal attitudes that define black culture in America and in the world and how the Empire has defined and thereby influenced the development of economic, linguistic, mythological and psychological systems and ideologies that inform contemporary notions of blackness.

The exhibition will include works by national and international artists representative of the African Diaspora that include (click link to visit artist website):

Exhibition curated by Rehema C. Barber

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Image credits: Ken Gonzales-Day. Untitled II (Antico [Pier Jacopo Alari-Bonacolsi], Bust of a Young Man and Francis Harwood, Bust of a Man, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles), 2010. Pamela Sunstrum, Rara (Trekka 7), 2011. Andrea Chung. Bato Disik (Installation), 2015. Sugar, water, reduction and time. Bethany Collins, As Black As This Board (White Noise series), 2014 Chalk and charcoal on chalkboard panel. JC Lenochan, Melanin Chronicles: The pursuit of melanin "standard kit," 2012. Skin products for darkening and lightening in briefcase. Leonardo Benzant, Chola Wenge (from the series called Paraphernalia Of The Urban Shaman M:5; POTUS M:5), 2012-2014