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Spirits and Spaces: The Prints of Michael B. Platt

(Cover) The Fountian, 2009. Pigment print on canvas, 60"x40". (Above) Hoop Jumper #2, 2009 © Michael B. Platt

East GalleryPast Exhibition
  • About This Exhibition

    Michael B. Platt, a printmaker, visual historian and visual storyteller is a Washington, D.C. based artist who uses digital photography and the printing process to share his keen sense of observation to express traces of the human spirit. His subjects are the marginalized and the survivors. Through his artwork the figure prevails, creating images intended to express traces of the human spirit and inspired by spaces with a history - the presence of things left behind. Platt believes that creating art is about having something to say. As an image maker, Platt's utilization of his experiences of the African Diaspora reflect the human condition.

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