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Romancing the Eye: Louis Delsarte, Charles Farrar and Larry Lebby

Adam and Eve (Louis Delsarte), Unknown (Charles Farrar) & Blue Crab (Larry Lebby)

Past Exhibition
  • About This Exhibition

    Exhibiting for the first time together, three outstanding visual artists, Louis Delsarte, Charles Farrar, and Larry Lebby will romance your visual perception and artistic emotions. Each artist has his own distinct artistic ability in creating tantalizing artwork. Delsarte is inspired by memories from the past while using texture, color and form to create an abstraction of space which gives his images light; Lebby has perfected the technique of dry-brush watercolor which gives his paintings a lightness and buoyancy; and Farrar uses the properties of wood to summon forth the classical and non-classical forms of finely finished surfaces while invoking the processes once used by master carvers from Sub-Saharan Africa and Egyptians in North Africa.

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