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Lift Every Voice

Aerial photo by Liam Chaskey courtesy of Charlotte Star Room.

  • About This Exhibition

    Organized by Brand The Moth and BlkMrktClt.

    The connection between art and community is the key thread for public art. That connection becomes even more critical when art serves as a vehicle for dialogue. Public art is inherently designed for the public – not just to consume – but to experience and engage. What the artist creates, the viewer makes their own. And while there may be a life and death cycle to this transitory form of art, this further reinforces the humanity it reflects.

    The Black Lives Matter mural painted on June 9, 2020 created a safe space for discussion and observation, for mourning and for celebration. The BLM Plaza, anchored by 3rd Street and MLK Jr. Boulevard on Tryon, provided a place for the community to reflect, to gather, play, create and to connect. The Untitled Series continued to reinforce that connection through collaboration, experimental art and creative freedom.

    Lift Every Voice is an evolving installation expressing the nature of public art and social activism. Both reflect the reality of the world around us, while acting as a catalyst for change. The BLM mural is an example of the power of uncensored and unrevised voices; which, when placed in the hands of the public, takes on a life of its own, filled with individual interactions and stories.

    Public art is not a singular answer, but rather asks the questions and offers perspective. Inside these walls our voices are but echoes, but only for a time to reflect and to grow. For the more voices we hear, the louder we become.

  • About The Oganizers

    Brand The Moth

    Founded in 2016 by Sam Guzzie and Hannah Fairweather, Brand the Moth organizes volunteer community mural projects, promotes community arts and mural education and supports first-time muralists by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Learn more at


    BlkMrktClt is a gallery and studio space based in Charlotte, NC that works with local photographers and artists of color to offer a safe, creative space to work in. BlkMrktClt hosts a variety of exhibitions and workshops for the artist and the community. Learn more at

  • Exhibition Artists & Contributors

    Black Lives Matter Muralists

    B - Dammit Wesley (@dammit_wesley)
    L - Dakotah Aiyanna (@dakotahaiyanna)
    A - Zacchary McLean & Ty Adams (@part_t1m3 & @shin.tytsumaki)
    C - Abel Jackson (@artbyabel)
    K - Garrison Gist (@2gzandcountin)
    L - Owl & Arko (@owl.clt & @arko.clt)
    I - Kyle Mosher & Assistant Zack Peele (@thekylemosher & @tragiczack)
    V - Franklin Kernes & Assistant Lo’Vonia Parks (@fk.creative & @lovoniaparks)
    E - Kiana Mui (@kmuiii)
    S - Marcus Kiser & Jason Woodberry (@marcus_kiser & @jason_woodberry)
    M - Georgie Nakima (@gardenofjourney)
    A - Matthew Clayburn (@matthewclayburn)
    T - Frankie Zombie (@frankie.zombie_)
    T - CHD:WCK (@chdwckart)
    E - John Hairston Jr. (@jagolactus_)
    R - Dari Calamari (@daricalamari)

    BLM Plaza Chairs

    John Hairston Jr. (@jagolactus_)
    Naji AlAli (@najiarts)
    Lo’Vonia Parks (@lovoniaparks)
    Zacchary McLean (@part_t1m3)
    Ty Adams (@shin.tytsumaki)
    Kiana Mui (@kmuiii)

    Untitled Street Series

    Resident Artists

    Jessica Thompson (@babyhairprincess)
    Makayla Binter (@mkay_15)
    Marcus Kiser (@marcus_kiser)
    Jason Woodberry (@jason_woodberry)
    Kalin Reneé Devone (@kalin_renee)
    Hnin Nie (@thepostfeels)
    Stephen Hayes (@stephenhayesthecreator)
    Jamila Brown (@milazul)
    Percy King (@artbypercy)


    Dreamstudios (@the.dreamstudio)

    Production Support

    Haley Henry (@haleydhenry)
    Lica Mishelle (@licamishelle)
    Owl (@owl.clt)

    Photographers Mural


    Carla Aaron-Lopez (@iamkingcarla)
    Jaime Arielle (@jamiearielleandco)
    Bae Hart (@_baehart)
    Will Jenkins (@simplisticphobia)
    Carey King (@mrcareyjking)
    Asa Kryst (@asa_kryst)
    Maleek Loyd (@maleekloyd)
    Michael Maxwell (@photobro1)
    Marc Prosper (@marcprosper)
    Brittani Taylor (@brittani.taylorr)

    Design & Production

    Will Jenkins (@simplisticphobia)
    Carla Aaron-Lopez (@iamkingcarla)
    Hannah Fairweather (@hannahmfairweather)

    Lift Every Voice Exhibit Photography

    Dammit Wesley (@dammit_wesley)
    Marc Prosper (@marcprosper)
    Jamila Brown (@milazul)
    Carey King (@mrcareyjking)
    Ryan Allen (@friedchickensandwich)
    Javier Morales (@qc_javi)
    Jeff Dawkins (@mrjayleedee)


    Dreamstudios (@the.dreamstudio)
    Zebo (@zebo.g)
    Jeff Hendricks (@goliathworldwide)
    J. Divers (@jdiversphotodesign)

    Curation and Project Management

    Sam Guzzie, BTM (@samguzzie)
    Hannah Fairweather, BTM (@hannahmfairweather)
    Dammit Wesley, BLKMRKT (@dammit_wesley)


    BLM Mural

    Brand the Moth
    City of Charlotte
    CLT is Creative


    Brand the Moth
    Knight Foundation
    Charlotte Center City Partners
    City of Charlotte

    Photographers Mural

    Brand the Moth
    Reemprise Fund

    Photo and Print Support

    The Light Factory

    Chairs Donated

    U.S. Bank

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