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Frankhavemercy: Frequency

Frankhavemercy, Adaptation, 2017, Printed Canvas, Courtesy of the Artist

Past Exhibition
  • About This Exhibition

    Through the lens of a camera, North Carolina-born photographer, designer and filmmaker Frank Jackson III – also known as Frankhavemercy – captures the emotions of pain and joy in his first exhibition, titled Frequency.

    Each image tells a story inspired by Frankhavemercy’s experiences, memories or imagination. Exploiting his innate talent for capturing moments, figures and architecture, Frankhavemercy not only seizes the moment but combines the image he spies through his lens with imaginative editing to mirror the one he sees in his mind’s eye. Frequency unpacks emotions driven by Frankhavemercy’s past and present – both positive and negative – and showcases works of art that are exquisite and thought-provoking.

    When they encounter his photographs, Frankhavemercy hopes that his work will inspire viewers, allow room for self-reflection and encourage others to connect with their community.

    My main goal with art is to inspire people. Period. We can all inspire and help each other. We can't forget it's important to connect with those that are right next to us and not just the people that are at the top. Our peers are just as important as our idols.
    – Frankhavemercy



    Frankhavemercy is a Los Angeles based photographer and film director, who was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Both his short films and editorial photography stem from a similar spirit and space. He is methodical about the moods of his work. He gives great thought to overall tones and composition by creating elaborate mood boards for every project he commits to. The presence of raw emotion and feeling is apparent in each piece regardless of the art medium.

    The brands and people he chooses to work with are more than business partners, they’re more like family. Frankhavemercy has travelled cross-country from New York City to Los Angeles and abroad to Paris to work with brands such as Adidas, Roche Bobois, Zanerobe, Represent Clo., and Lush Network and people such as MixedByAli and DJ Mustard. He has also been featured on premier lifestyle / culture websites and social media platforms such as Highsnobiety and Hypebeast.

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