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Yoga On The Rooftop

All ages
$10, free for members
  • About This Program

    The crisp fall weather is perfect for yoga outside on the rooftop. Join us this Sunday and every Sunday at 12:30 pm for yoga with SJ. Sajeedah Jones will lead you through a creative vinyasa flow – a sequence of poses linked to your breath – featuring hands-on assists and upbeat music. The class is designed for students of all levels, all shapes, all sizes and all ages and will leave you energized, inspired and ready to take on your week. Bring your mat and a mask for indoors.

    Enjoy the one-hour workout and mindfulness practice and then treat yourself to a self-guided tour of our galleries.

    Never tried yoga before? Check out Sun Salutation A:

  • About The Instructor

    Sajeedah Jones believes that yoga helps everyone live their best lives because it teaches students to focus on the task at hand. Jones is a practicing yogi for 16 years and has taught yoga for eight of those years. She is the owner of Sajeedah Jones Yoga For Athletes and as a private instructor working with professional athletes for 7 years, she’s taught them how to prolong their careers and prevent injury through yoga.

  • About Yoga

    Practiced for more than 5,000 years, yoga is a popular way to increase flexibility, gain strength, and reduce stress through a system of mental and physical practices which can include meditation, breath work, lifestyle and behavior principles, and physical exercise. The physical practice of yoga is the most common form in the West today. The goal is to balance mind, body, and spirit through physical postures and body alignment; proper breathing techniques; and meditation or relaxation.

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