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Unmasked: Then and Now

  • About This Program

    The month of April marks a full year of our premiere virtual series, Unmasked. A manifestation of our President & CEO David Taylor’s vision, the series was created to inform and ignite our community around issues that were both current and pressing. We started the series addressing urgent topics surrounding the pandemic’s imbalanced effect on the Black community in the sectors of business, health and education. However, as 2020 continued to lead us into unparalleled territory, we felt equally responsible and honored to curate pivotal content in what felt like the eye of the storm.

    The Unmasked series captured the voice of our audience in a way our programs were unable to do in the past, and as a result allows us as a community to intentionally look back on an incomparable year. For this special edition of Unmasked, we review major themes of the series as they were then, compared to their current state now. We welcome back some of our most impactful panelists, and highlight some of the most poignant moments of the series in efforts to answer the question: where are we now?

    Click/tap here to see the full playlist of all Unmasked episodes.

  • How To Participate

    Viewing this program is free and open to the public. Visit the the Center's YouTube channel or Facebook page to view on Tuesday, April 27.

    Gantt Center's YouTube channel

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