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Intro to UX Design with Dark Mode: Designing for the Future

$15 per participant
  • About This Program

    Step into the world of user experience design with Dark Mode! Hosted at the freshly minted MODA (Mecca of Digital Arts), this workshop offers a golden opportunity for aspiring designers and curious minds to dive deep into the vast sea of UX design. Guided by Roderick Wilkins Jr, MS, a seasoned UX designer at Bank of America, students will embark on a journey to conceptualize and design a black-owned business finder app utilizing the versatile design tool, Figma.

    Why attend...

    • Community Engagement - Join the Dark Mode community, a melting pot of extraordinary minds spanning engineers, designers, UX researchers, creatives, artists, and HR professionals. Bond over a united vision of driving monumental economic impact and fostering career development within the African American community.
    • State-of-the-Art Facilities - Experience the grandeur of MODA, an innovation studio nestled within the Harvey B. Gantt’s Center. Designed with the sole purpose of digital art transformation, MODA is equipped with cutting-edge technology, mentorship programs, and a platform for stimulating discussions.
    • Hands-On Learning - Get a firsthand experience of designing a meaningful application while being mentored by an industry expert. Gain insights, learn best practices, and translate your vision into a tangible digital solution.

    This is not just another workshop. It's a movement, an experience, a journey into the heart of digital design. Whether you're a budding designer, an entrepreneur, or simply a tech enthusiast, this event promises insights, skills, and connections that can propel you into the future of digital innovation. Come, be a part of this revolution with Dark Mode at MODA. Let's design the future together!

  • About the Teaching Artists

    Roderick Wilkins Jr. is not just a UX designer, he's a storyteller, innovator, and a passionate advocate for user-centric designs. Boasting three years of impactful work at Bank of America, he seamlessly bridges the gap between visual allure and functionality. Roderick's academic pursuits took him from Florida A&M University, where he bagged a BS in Information Technology, to Louisiana State University for an MS in Digital Media Arts & Engineering. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Roderick's spirit of brotherhood shines through his active participation in the Beta Nu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

    Lusenii Kromah is a Charlotte native who is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and fitness! With a degree in Computer Science from North Carolina A&T State University and Georgia Institute of Technology, Lusenii has built an impressive career working for companies like Adobe and Twitter, and working with startups.

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