Get out the paintbrushes, wood and your creative flow for our hand-painted medallions (for necklaces), pins or earrings workshop! Learn how to make your own, unique pieces that have your individual stamp on them. In this workshop, learn techniques to help you create a piece from start to finish; from designing to painting and assembling! Create your own patterns and designs or use stencils of adinkra symbols for your pieces.

All you need to bring is your imagination.

About The Artist

Kimberly Turner

Kimberly (Kim) Turner is an artist, designer, jewelry maker and arts educator. The owner of the online store Elizabeth in Pearls, she recently made her way back to the Queen City, from Oakland, California. She'll tell you that for her, creating is like breathing and brings her so much joy! As one of the Gantt's teaching artists Turner has taught our Visualizing Black Art workshop, as well as Fine Art Fridays: Printmaking. Learn more about her work or follow her on social media @elizabethinpearls.

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