The use of typography and written language in visual arts is ever present. We see allusions to this in works by artists like Jean Basquiat, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Hotlzer and, right here in Charlotte with Gantt Center exhibiting artists, DeShawn Dumas and Jordan Casteel. Join local poets as they share a few of their favorite works of art that include written language and poetry, and a few of their favorite poems that truly paint a picture.

Afterwards, the poets will guide participants through small break-out sessions, writing their own individual pieces, and taking part in a collaborative poem. This family-friendly poetry writing workshop will help guide your practice towards success with your first stanza, 16-bars, sonnet or haiku.

Featured Poets

  • Eddie Bell
  • Lala Specific
  • Jah Smalls

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Image credits: Illustration courtesy Freepik.com