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EnVision Me: Filmmaking Camp

$250 registration fee, lunch & equipment provided
  • About This Program

    EnVision Me is a youth-based arts program through the Gantt, and the objective is to provide students of color with high level, inspiring arts instruction so that they can envision a brighter, creative future for themselves. Students will tell their stories through film by learning several documentary modes, with the use of high-tech filming equipment. This camp will be led by teaching artist Ben Premeaux.

    During this 5-day camp, students will:

    • Learn how to tell a simple story in a creative way, using their families, friends, and the city as film subjects.
    • Gain introductory experience handling filmmaking equipment.  
    • Get creative with the full production experience: developing storylines, interviewing, and editing 
    • Hear from experts in filmmaking about career paths and game-changing tips
    • Learn the 6 documentary modes:
      1. Poetic mode: A poetic documentary eschews linear continuity in favor of mood, tone, or the juxtaposition of imagery.
      2. Expository mode: Expository documentaries set up a specific point of view or argument about a subject and often feature “voice of God” style voice-over.
      3. Participatory mode: Participatory documentaries are defined by the interaction between the documentary filmmakers and their subject.
      4. Observational mode: A style of documentary embraced by the cinema verité movement, observational documentaries attempt to discover the ultimate truth of their subject by acting as a fly-on-the-wall—in other words, observing the subject’s real-life without interrupting.
      5. Reflexive mode: Reflexive documentaries focus on the relationship between the filmmaker and the audience. Since the subject matter is often the process of documentary filmmaking itself, a cinematographer will shoot behind-the-scenes style footage of the entire film production process, including editing, interviewing, and post-production.
      6. Performative mode: Performative documentaries focus on the filmmaker’s involvement with their subject, using his or her personal experience or relationship with the subject as a jumping-off point for exploring larger, subjective truths about politics, history, or groups of people.

    Other Important Information

    • No prior experience is required
    • Students are encouraged to bring their phones only for use cameras and during pick up
    • Lunch will be provided on all 5 days
    • Drop off for students starts at 8:30 am, and pick up is between 2:30 pm - 3 pm
    • A film screening of the students' creations will culminate the experience on the afternoon of Saturday, July 30 during the Gantt Summer Camp Showcase.

    For questions or more information about this camp, email us at

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