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Classic Black Cinema Series: It Won't Rub Off, Baby

  • About This Program

    How to Participate: It Won't Rub Off, Baby will be available for streaming all day on April 11 at

    (1967) Sweet Love, Bitter AKA It Won't Rub Off, Baby tells the story of a fictional Jazz musician, loosely based on the life of Charlie Parker. Embittered black saxophonist Gregory befriends Murray, a white college professor who blames himself for the recent death of his wife and subsequently drowns his sorrows in alcohol. Gregory and Murray's drinking binges develop into a friendship based on personal understanding. A third member to the group is added when Hooks, a cafe owner, gives Murray a job as a waiter and, in general, keeps the two men from going overboard.

    Eventually Murray gets back on his feet again and returns to his teaching job. When Gregory comes to visit Murray, a white cop stops him and then beats him up for being a vagrant. Murray, paralyzed by his inability to do something, witnesses the whole incident. Later Murray tells Gregory, but Gregory shrugs it off and goes on another drinking binge. See what happens next, Sunday April 11.

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  • About Classic Black Cinema Series

    Created in 2008 in Charlotte, NC, the Classic Black Cinema Series (CBCS) has been specifically designed as a vehicle to expose the community to the vast artistic value black film has had around the globe throughout the years. The series showcases the amazing diversity of cultures and experiences that are woven within the African Diaspora through a selection of films.

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