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Body Party Fitness Class

$5 per person
  • About This Program

    Led by the incredible Maxie Williams, Body Party Fitness is a fun and dynamic disguise of cardio that will usher you into an electrifying, high-energy dance fitness experience that you will never forget! Dance to classic and contemporary Hip Hop and R&B music that will be sure to get your heart rate up and break a sweat.

    This experience is open to ages 16 and up (all minors need to be accompanied by an adult), and all experience levels are welcome. Please be sure to arrive at the Gantt Center 5 to 10 minutes early to get the full experience. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and bring water to stay hydrated during this experience.

  • About The Teaching Artist

    Maxie Williams is the owner of Body Party Fitness. She began her journey in the dance fitness community in 2011 as a Brand Instructor where she was able to combine her passion for dance with fitness. Realizing how different her style was; Maxie created her own brand, Body Party Fitness. Body Party Fitness is a unique WERKout experience that goes beyond the ordinary workout. Inspired by her love for people, dance and music; Body Party yields passion and results that can adjust your mindset towards fitness. Each routine is strategically choreographed by Maxie herself, to ensure that she stays true to the concept that fitness can be dope, inspirational, sexy, and funky. Maxie has hosted a local event (Body Party In The Club) as well as traveled, participating in master classes, special fitness events and featured on local news broadcasts.

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