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Art Up in Your Face

Image credits: Makayla Binter, "Crown Keepers," 2001

All ages
  • About This Program

    Take a peek into the future of Black art, while appreciating the past. Join us for an engaging panel event with dynamic modern artists.

    Join the Gantt, in partnership with Blumenthal Performing Arts, for a lively pop-up art show and panel discussion. This event will showcase some of Charlotte's thriving contemporary artists who will display and discuss their work. The interactive conversation will also reflect on the influence of southern Black art in history and culture, as we continue to celebrate Black History Month.

    Featured artists include Dammit Wesley, Deener Davis, Makayla Binter, Carla Aaron-Lopez, and Wolly McNair.

  • About The Artists

    Dammit Wesley is a muralist and mixed-media artist. He co-founded BLKMRKTCLT, a gallery and studio space for photographers and artists that also offers design services and video production.

    DeNeer Davis creates colorful expressionist art murals, street art, and wearable painted designs on shoes and clothing. Proudly from Charlotte, she loves the big spaces that murals offer to express her ideas fully.

    Makayla Binter is a creator and educator who works across several mediums – she paints, draws, collages, and shoots photography; she also creates design wear and large-scale murals. She serves as a conduit between community and art, making art accessible for all.

    Carla Aaron-Lopez, also known as king carla, is an arts educator and artist who creates multi-disciplinary images and text that is centered around “celebrating American Black culture from the dirty South.” She is also a photojournalist and podcaster.

    Wolly McNair works in comics, film, and gaming as an illustrator, story board artist, character designer, and concept artist. He has also written and illustrated graphic novels and self-publishes under GOrilla Bred Publishing.

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